In my opinion, the fried chicken sandwich and pizza are two of the most competitive dishes in American restaurants today. I cant think of too many mediocre pizza places that last very long in any American region. Dominos which was a pizza franchise I once disliked had changed for the better in the past decade. As for the best pizza in Lahaina, we have large pizza chains and small local pizza chains as well.

When it comes to pizza in the US and in Hawaii, there are many choices that can. make picking one a tough choice to make. You have gourmet toppings, tropical toppings and of course pineapple as your choices. There are also different types of pizzas available, New York and Chicago style pizzas are available in Lahaina. I am partial to Chicago deep dish pizza myself. Here is the Maui Goes list of the best Lahaina pizza.

3. Dollie’s Pub & Cafe

Dollie’s is a Maui restaurant and sports bar located in Kahana and has been voted best pizza on the island. Dollies is where the locals hang out. It’s been a Maui tradition since 1983. Their pizzas are individually hand-pressed and cooked in their stone ovens. It takes a little longer to prepare their pizza but is definitely worth it.

2. Pi Artisan Pizzeria

Pi Artisan offers handcrafted specialty pizzas in a cool, modern space with a big mural, outdoor tables & ocean views. There are fabulous ocean views on their outdoor Front Street Lanai. Their artisan style pizzas are prepared in their custom made kiawe wood-burning ovens. You also have the option to build your own pizza with almost 50 local farm-2-table toppings and artisan ingredients.

1. Lahaina Pizza Company

In my opinion, the best pizza in Lahaina is offered by the Lahaina Pizza Company. Lahaina Pizza Company is a local landmark. The upstairs restaurant, located directly across the seawall offers stunning ocean views. You can watch surfers and fishermen as they depart Lahaina Harbor, while enjoying Lahaina Pizza Company’s famous deep dish pizzas and house made sandwiches and pastas. 

So there is my list. Give us your opinion on what restaurant offers the best pizza in the comment section below. Also, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.



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