Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii and provides many places to learn and partake in any water sport. If you are looking to learn or practice stand up paddle boarding, there are many locations you can spend the day quietly on your board in a solitary environment with nothing buy you, the ocean and mother nature. I will cover five great paddleboard places in Maui.

Napili Bay

This north west corner of Maui is a great place for more advanced stand up paddle boarders. Napili Bay is windy and more rainy than many parts of the island which is ideal for adventurous paddle boarders. This bay is gorgeous and is isolated away from shopping centers and large tourism hubs which means the bay is less crowded than other Maui beaches. You will likely have plenty of space to enjoy the view in peace and quiet.

The Maliko Run

The Maliko Run is possibly the most famous spot to Stand Up Paddle Board in all of Hawaii. Many people worldwide holds the Maliko Run as a fine place to Stand Up Paddle Board. This place is full of constant wind that assists in paddling. The waters are also warm and calm which can be ideal for both advanced and beginner level boarders. The Maliko Run is also a great place to meet fellow paddle boarders if you are looking for tips on your form.

Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay is located on the north part of the island and is home to a large beach that is a sheltered sanctuary for exploring the ocean. Rain and wind is a rarity here which makes the practice of paddle boarding ideal for beginner level paddlers. The beach is long and full of white sand with gentle waves that makes it easy to enter. In this bay, there is plenty of space to practice and improve ones paddling technique. There are also many fishes to adore in the bay as reefs are plentiful within the clear and calm waters.

Makena Beach State Park

Makena Beach State Park is one of the best beaches in Hawaii and is a near perfect place for Stand Up Paddle Boarding. This beach is in the south west part of Maui and is full of white sand that extends to over half a mile long. The length of the beach makes it easy for a paddle boarder to choose a spacey spot to launch themselves. There are also large black lava rock structures that shelters the beach from windy conditions.


Kihei is a popular spot for Stand Up Paddle Boarding due to its gentle beach. You can see a wide variety of tourists and locals boarding on Kihei’s beaches. The whales that appear offshore is also a big reason why this is a great location for boarding. The world renowned Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary is located in Kihei. This sanctuary allows onlookers in the ocean to get very close to the amazing whales. There are many humpback whales that visit Maui during the winter so keep an eye out during this time. There are also many reefs with amazing wildlife, and pristine and calm waters that make Kihei wonderful place to paddle board.

So there is my list of paddleboard places in Maui.

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