Ride the Tide song was the second song I had written. I was given an idea to write a song based on a beat I was able to compose. I found a great female singer to sing the lyrics I was able to write out.


Gonna stay up late tonight
let’s wash our blues away
for such beauty is in sight

So won’t you join me for a ride
just for old times’ sake
to see the Maui tide

Do you remember
how we first met
Along the shore we walked together

We talked and waited
‘til the sun went down
Staring at the wide horizon

Let’s go find love
Time is on our side
Leave our fate to the sea
and go with the Maui Tide

The story behind the song

How do you write a song? It’s a good question.

And like a lot of good questions, there isn’t a single, simple answer. In fact there’s a pretty much infinite number of great ways to write a song.

Still, in this article I’m going to focus on one powerful and reliable way to write a song – and one that you can use even if you’re completely new to songwriting.

In fact, the ten-step process in this article is based on the process in my book How to Write a Song (Even If You’ve Never Written One Before and You Think You Suck). It’s a simple and reliable process that will help you write a song in virtually any genre time after time, whatever level of experience you’re at.

And best of all, all you need to continue is some basic experience on an instrument like piano or guitar, or with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) like GarageBand, Ableton or Logic.

Oh, and if the title got you wondering – no, you don’t suck. Even if this is your first song. See, songwriting is hard. It takes time to get good. But the only way to get better is to write – to get plenty of practice.

So if in doubt, just remember that in songwriting – or any kind of writing – to suck less, write more. That’s the only way to improve.

I had to think of a hook and that was “ride the tide” and with my second attempt this was the song I was able to create.

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