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So you want to move to Maui?  There has been a 30% increase in Maui’s population since 2000.  So you are not alone.  Maui has so much to offer in terms of great weather, friendly people and a comfortable lifestyle.  
Whether you are moving to Maui from the mainland, other parts of Hawaii or from outside of the USA, there are many details to make the successful move.  I will discuss a few of the essential steps necessary for a smooth transition. I will cover planning, employment, living arrangements and other factors to consider during a move. 

Planning Ahead Of Time

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The first thing you need to do is create a realistic budget.  I recommended creating a spreadsheet that tracks expenses related to flights, housing costs, food, transportation, vet bills, shipping of household goods, cars, pets and etc.  Keep in mind that it could take 3 to 6 months to find a job or get your business started.  Any budget should consider the deficits involved of a lack of employment. 
There are many questions you want to ask yourself during the planning process?  Will there be hired help to help with the move?  Is a truck going to be rented out?  Do you have money saved up?  
You may also be fortunate enough to be moving to Maui for a job opportunity or relocation. Will the employer cover part of the cost of relocating? 

If your employer is assisting your move to Maui, I would recommend documenting everything in writing. You should also document any verbal agreements and etc. In the case of a mishap, written documentation will go a long way to help you. Reimbursement policies and procedures should definitely be considered and reviewed.

Written records are also vital when dealing with professional movers. A written contract that is appropriately reviewed by yourself is a must. You should also take a full inventory list of all items that are checked and signed by your self and the moving company.

Looking For A Job

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The job hunt will likely be time consuming and should not be overlooked.  I would recommend looking for a job or even be employed at your current job before moving to Maui (job relocation). The professional life on Maui is very different from many parts of the world.  Maui is void of manufacturing jobs and other types of industries that are common elsewhere. Tourism is the main driver of the economy and the primary source of employment. The best way to find a job is by word-of-mouth, so make friends quickly.
When you start the job hunt, there are many questions you want to ask yourself.
How Do I Find Job Openings That Fit Me The Best? What Type Of Jobs Am I Looking For? Do I Have A Network Available To Help Find A Job? How Would I Use My Network? What Do I Need to Have to Apply For A Job? When Would I Likely Be Able To Find A Job?

Location, Location, Location

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Where To Move

As you move to Maui, you need to figure out where to live on the island.  Each town and area on Maui has its own unique identity.  Hana and Haiku are filled with rain and rain forests. The Upcountry area on Maui beautiful with hills, cattle, lavender farms and beautiful mountain views.  Keep in mind, Upcountry is far from the beach compared to other areas of the island. 
Maui is definitely my favorite island of all of Hawaii.  I enjoy living in many different areas on Maui.  Paia is a unique town with its own flair.  Ka’anapali is a beautiful area with so much to offer along with the rest of the west side. Kihei is also unique on its own.  Each area on Maui has its own distinct features that can appeal to different types of people. 

One good way to decide where to live would be what type of environment you want to surround yourself with.  I personally prefer to live in Lahaina. The people are great, the food is great and there is more to do here in this area for myself. I was raised in Lahaina and I do not see myself being happier living elsewhere.

Rent Before Buying 

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Property on Maui is very expensive. The median home price on Maui for a single-family home is over $700,000. Due to its high price, I would recommend renting before purchasing a property and committing yourself to the large prices. You might decide after living here that you would instead visit the beach than being constantly surrounded by tourists. Or you might get a job on the other side of the island from your home. You might not be ready to buy until you have been here a while and can really get a feel for what’s attractive, comfortable and convenient for you. Keep in mind that finding a rental that accepts pets is hard to come by.

Finding Schools

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School hunting for your children is also very important.  Most schools have a website available to get a feel for what they have to offer. Also make sure to visit the schools in the areas that you’re considering while children are on campus.  You should talk to parents, teachers and other personnel in the school to uncover how the school operates. 
Ship Or Sell A Vehicle

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You can either sell your current car or sell it. If your car is leased or new and the amount owed is greater than the selling price, you should probably ship your car.  If you owe no loans for your vehicle and can afford to sell it, you might as well sell your car. The average cost to ship cars from the West Coast to Maui is over $1,000.  So the shipping process is not an easy and affordable process. 

Joining The Ohana

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When you arrive on Maui, you should be able to make new friends and colleagues.  Find new doctors, dentists, therapists, and pharmacies by asking the new people you meet. There are also opportunities to be involved in the community through clean-up and restoration projects.  Churches, local charities and art organizations are also widely available to make friends and meet people with common interests.
So there you are. Moving to Maui will be a long and arduous process no matter where your moving from. Moving to an island is a unique experience in itself. There are so many factors to consider as I had discussed. However, when you do make the move, you are more than likely to be happy with your decision.

What other factors are you considering as you move to Maui? What do you think of my suggestions that I covered when moving to Maui?

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