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I have a gluten allergy myself so I know how it feels. I will constantly ignore my allergy since I love eating sandwiches, croissants, baked goods and etc. But where there is a will, there is a way. On Maui, there is a possibility of having a well fed vacation and avoiding the gluten allergy. Here is my guide to Maui’s gluten free food.

I will cover various gluten free meals and various gluten free establishments to consider.

808 Deli, Kihei

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You know you found a gem when you order a gluten free item and can’t tell the difference. 808 Deli has been voted “Maui’s Best Sandwich Shop” by Maui Time for 11 years in a row. 808 Deli is a contemporary delicatessen known for take-out specialty sandwiches, salads & breakfast items.  
Gluten free bread is available for any of its specialty sandwiches. Their sandwich menu is filled with your conventional choices but also offers Asian influenced sandwiches. Try out their Toasted Wasabi which is a delicious roast beef sandwich topped with wasabi aioli.  Or try out their Shiitake Beef Melt which is made up of Roast Beef, Shiitake Mushrooms and garlic aioli. 

Café Des Amis, Paia
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Cafe Des Amis is a tiny, relaxed eatery featuring a Mediterranean & Indian menu, plus a courtyard with live music.  Cafe Des Amis offers chia crepes which is gluten free.  Choose from a wide variety of breakfast, sweet and savory crepes. Their crepes are delicious with simple fillings like honey, toasted almonds, cinnamon, and cream, or serve as a hearty meal with ingredients such as Italian lentils, pesto, and cheese. Also choose from a wide variety of indian curries and salads for a gluten free experience. Cafe Des Amis is settled at a lovely, open-air courtyard with potted palms, and a stylish vibe.

Choice Health Bar, Lahaina

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Choice Health Bar is a quaint restaurant for vegan-friendly offerings like acai bowls, juices, smoothies & grain bowls.  For many locals, Choice Health Bar will be one of their first choices due to its local, organic produce and great offerings. Their smoothies are delicious, thick and topped with gluten-free granola, honey, and fresh fruit. Their “Living Foods” menu is enticing, with dishes like Paleo Parfait with coconut kefir and half a papaya stuffed with bee pollen, gojis, honey.

Coconut’s Fish restaurant , Kihei

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Coconut’s Fish Café has a reputation as Maui’s best restaurant for seafood tacos. I had heard of Coconut’s through Trip Advisor as the restaurant was listed as the best place to eat in Kihei. I was not disappointed by the hype as the fresh fish is delicious, the cheese is tangy and robust and the toppings add serious flavor.  The Thai chili pineapple sauce, mango salsa and creamy coleslaw is a unique and delicious mix.  Gluten-free diners can indulge in their gluten free fish and chicken tacos, as well as salads that are topped with choices like lemon-butter Ono.  Coconut’s also has a designated space to make gluten free entrees.  The precaution the restaurant takes is a relief for any diners looking for Maui’s gluten free food.

Fabiani’s, Kihei 

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Fabiani is a casual spot for Italian eatery with artisanal fare. Italian chef Lorenzo and Michelle offers gluten free options in pasta and pizza. Lorenzo’s signature dish offers gluten-free penne with sundried tomatoes, Italian sausage, and crema rosa.  Their offerings in pizza ranges from Caprese to kale, potatoes and fontina cheese. I would recommend Aperitivos which is gluten free octopus with pine nuts and basil.  

Honu Seafood And Pizza, Lahaina

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If you are looking for gluten free pizza on the westside, Honu is a great choice. Chef Mark Ellman and his wife Judy are the masterminds behind the great restaurants of Mala Ocean Tavern, Maui Tacos, and Frida’s Mexican Beach House.  Honu offers a gluten free menu full of pupus that range from seafood chowder with coconut to ahi brushetta with edamame puree.
Their house made gluten free pizzas are baked in a brick oven. There is a wide variety of pizza toppings such as mushrooms to spicy Italian sausage. Gluten-free bread, heirloom grits, and quinoa are also provided.  Make sure to try their gluten free desserts if you have a sweet tooth. Salted caramel French cookies and chocolate beef torte are definitely worth a try.So there you are.  Maui has a lot of choices when it comes to gluten free food.  Keep in mind, Maui is heavily influenced by Asian cuisine.  Many Asian cuisines are gluten free due to rice being its standard grain.  Hawaiian food is also gluten free with poi, seafood and various meat dishes as its main offerings.  Also, keep in mind, Whole Foods and other brand name departments stores have gluten free products available. 

What are your favorite gluten free restaurants on Maui?  What do you think of my list of Maui’s gluten free food?

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