A song I composed named Maui Tide. Lyrics are below. Enjoy:


The waves dribble along my toes,
sprays my nose.
The sand was rough under my heel,
sand and ocean meet.

The water rose enclosed my shin,
skin goes numb
A shell drifts in the tide,
The Maui Tide water lifted up my hips,
A million kisses from the ocean’s lips.

Developing My Theme

When you’re writing a new song you’ll often start out with the seed of an idea. This could be a melody, it could be a chord progression, it could even be an overall idea of the sound of the song.

More often than not, this seed becomes the “theme” of the song for you – and often for the listener too. But how do you go beyond that simple seed and grow it into a full theme?

Before we continue, let’s clarify this word “theme”. We’re not using it in the traditional classical music way, where “theme” essentially means “melody”: a simple motif that’s repeated and defines the piece.

We’re going to use the word in a more general sense. “Theme” is the character of your song or non-vocal track. It could be some recognizable melody, meaningful lyrics or the overall mood of the track. It’s important because it makes the track unique and it usually establishes the connection with the listener. It’s the thing they’ll remember immediately when they think of your track.

There are various techniques for developing your theme. Some happen before composing and some in the process of composing. This article will present you with a step-by-step guide on how any composer or song-writer can create a powerful theme for their track.

I developed the theme by enlisting the help of Fiverr. I was able to eventually compose the entire song with a log of help.

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