Maui is known for its sunny weather, beautiful and beaches.  Daytime activities are king for people visiting or living on Maui.  But there is also a good nightlife to partake in.

I will go the best nightlife spots on Maui and point out some of the night events that occur on Maui.

Dirty Monkey

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844 Front St, Lahaina, HI 419-6268
The Dirty Monkey is located in the famous Lahaina tourism hub of Front Street.  The Dirty Honkey is housed in the same building that housed Moose McGillicuddy’s for over 30 years.  There are over 180 different bottles of whiskeys in this bar.  Other drinks offered include craft beers, specialty liquor, and unique cocktails.  While on Maui, you need to try the many liquor offerings influenced by Maui. The Dirty Monkey also offers a decent food menu with your usual bar food options.  There is ceviche, chicken wings, grass-fed beef, tacos and salads available.  The bar also offers taro burgers, fish tacos and many other local food products. 

Kihei:  The Triangle

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The majority of Kihei’s nightlife takes place at The Triangle.  The Triangle is a compilation of bars within the Kihei Kalama Village.  I will discuss three of my favorite spots in the Triangle.The first bar to consider is Haui’s Life’s A Beach (The Lab) which is open until 2am daily. This beach bar has an outdoor patio that looks toward South Kihei Road and has a great view.  The lab offers live music and pool tables. The Lab is also a great place to watch sports, and have social conversations.The best venue within the Triangle for live music is Three’s Bar and Grill which opens until 1:30am daily.  Three’s offers a semi-formal dining setting with a VIP Surf Lounge.  Three’s even has a built-in stage area and lighting. Weekdays have live music during evenings, while the weekends offer live music during the late nights until closing.

The most popular night club in the Triangle is the South Shore Tiki Lounge which opens until 2am daily.  In this establishment you have your usual DJs playing popular music in a dance floor.  The nightclub is somewhat small and crowded but its a popular place, especially on the weekends.  This is a great place to dance the night away and meet singles in the younger demographic.


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ArT=Mixx is an interactive social event presented by Maui Arts & Cultural Center that began in 2012.The event is held once every several months. This event is designed for the pleasure of the 21-and-over mixed-generation crowd. In the event, ArT=Mixx supports and collaborates with artists, both musical and artistic. Make sure to check for Art=Mixx during your time on Maui.

Address: 1 Cameron Way, Kahului, HI 96732

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