Have a question about your trip to Maui? This article will cover Maui FAQ. Before you go, check the answers to this list of frequently asked questions:


How can I obtain a Maui Highway Map, Visitor Guide or other printed Maui publications?

You can find maps to print and other publications from Go Hawaii. If you want a guide for a specific area, you can get a Free Travel Planner Guide from Go Hawaii. 

Where are the major resorts and hotels on Maui?
Most Maui resorts and hotels can be found in West Maui which is in the Kapalua, Kaanapali and Lahaina area. South Maui is also full of great resorts with those mainly in the Wailea Area.

What is the time difference from the continental U.S.?
Hawaii follows Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (GMT-10 hours), which is two to three hours behind Pacific Standard Time.  Keep in mind, Hawaii does not observe Daylight Savings.

What are the recommended packing items for a trip to Maui?
It’s warm on Maui year round, so pack your summer attire. You may want to bring a jacket or sweater for possibly cold evenings.  If you plan to visit Haleakala, its climate can reach freezing temperatures during winter so I recommend you pack a heavy duty jacket for such an occasion. Maui has a casual atmosphere and its sunny weather is more compatible with clothing you would exclusively wear in the summer.  So make sure to bring casual and light clothing for both the daytime and nightlife. You can always purchase an aloha shirt or other Hawaiian influenced attire from the many shops on Maui.

Credit cards are widely accepted and ATM machines are available everywhere. 
Where is the main airport on Maui?
The main airport on Maui is Kahului Airport (OGG). There are smaller airports in Kapalua (West Maui) and Hana (East Maui). The Kahului Airport is about a 40 minute drive from Lahaina.

Driving on Maui

The driving distance from the Kahului Airport to various spots on Maui are as follows: 

Haleakala: 2 hour
Hana: 3 hour
Kaanapali: 45 min
Kapalua: 1 hour
Kihei: 30 minutes
Lahaina: 40 minutes
Wailea: 35 minutes
Wailuku: 25 minutes
How can I get a list of events in Maui?
Check out Calendar Maui’s weekly calendar of events. Or, to plan longer range, see the month-by-month list of Maui events.

What are the average monthly temperatures in Maui?
Check out the average monthly temperatures, precipitation and more for Hawaii’s cities from U.S. Climate Data.

What are the average water temperatures of Maui’s beaches?
To view a chart of average water temperatures at beaches near where you’re going, visit the National Oceanographic Data Center website for Hawaiian Island Coast temperatures. As a general rule, the water anywhere on Maui will be warm enough to swim year round.

When is the “season?”
The “season” refers to an area’s busiest tourist season. In general, the summer months, Christmas season and Spring Break will be the busiest tourism months of the year.

When is a good time to visit Maui?
Any time of year is delightful to visit Maui. The average temperature here is between 75˚–85˚F. Summer, between April and November, is warmer and drier while winter, between December and March, is a bit cooler.

Whale-watching season begins in December and ends in May. Peak whale-watching months are between January and April. Winter is the season to visit for large surf, specifically on Maui’s Northern shores.

Should I reserve my hotel rooms in advance or can I do so upon my arrival in Maui?
You should always have accommodations ready for you before your visit. When entering the U.S. from another country, you must complete the I-94 form (Arrival-Departure Record). One of the questions on the form is the address where you will stay. Keep in mind that during peak seasons, holidays and etc., hotels will likely be fully booked.

Maui Vacation Days

When are school vacations in Maui?
There are no set school vacation periods in the U.S. as in many European countries. Further, there is no school vacation for All Saints Day, nor for the winter. In the U.S., each school district has different periods for Christmas, spring (Easter) and summer school vacations. The entire school district is under the State of Hawaii.

When is Spring Break? What areas are most heavily visited for Spring Break?
Spring Break vacation times vary from school to school. But March through April are the months when most Spring Breaks occur. Students on Spring Break visit destinations all over the state, but the areas with the most Spring Break activities are in Lahaina, Kihei or the Wailea area.

What do I need to know about Maui’s wildlife?
Maui is home to a wide variety of the most amazing wildlife in the world, which is a huge draw for many visitors, environmentalists and researchers. When it comes to Maui wildlife, the island is spectacular both for what is here and is not here. Maui has creatures that can be found no place else on earth; Maui does not have any land-based predators or snakes with exception of mongoose. When in the water, there are sharks, jellyfish and various other sea creatures to watch out for. Above all else, remain vigilant in the water.

When is hurricane season?
The Pacific hurricane season is officially June 1 to Nov. 30.  Hurricanes develop over the tropical or subtropical waters around the world. You can obtain real-time advisories for hurricanes/tropical storms at the National Hurricane Center‘s website.


How can I get around Maui?
Shuttles, tour buses, taxis and public transportation is available to get around Maui. But I recommend obtaining a rental car in advance from the airport, near your hotel or online before your arrival.  

Does Hawaii require international travelers who wish to drive in the state to have an international driving permit?
People who drive in the U.S. must have a valid driver’s license and are allowed to drive in Hawaii for up to one year after arrival. You will need a valid passport to show your admission date. While an International Driving Permit (IDP) is not required, an IDP is inexpensive and useful to have for identification purposes. Make sure to obtain an IDP from your native country before your departure. An IDP does not replace your regular drivers license so make sure to carry both if you are planning to drive. An IDP is valid for one year. 

Do I need my passport to get to Maui?
Since Hawaii is the 50th state of the USA, you won’t need to bring your passport unless you’re visiting from outside the United States or traveling to another country from Hawaii.


What should I do in a medical emergency?
Dial 9-1-1 for an ambulance. The call is free from any phone. This number is also used to contact the police or fire department in case of an emergency.

What should I do if I lose my passport?
If you lose your passport, immediately notify the police and the nearest Embassy or Consulate of your home government. You will need to show ID and proof of citizenship as well as pay a fee and file a police report. Replacements can take up to two weeks, but some consulates offer a three-day rush service for an additional fee. In an emergency, some consulates provide temporary travelling papers that will allow you to re-enter your home country. It is a good idea to make two photocopies of your passport and any other travel documents before leaving home. Take one set of copies with you, packed separately from the originals, and leave the other set with someone at home. Having copies available will expedite passport replacement should it become necessary.

Where can I find my Embassy or Consulate?
Check out this list of foreign embassies in the U.S. from the U.S. Department of State.

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