It is a sight to see the weather and beaches of Maui. If you are not on Maui, this article will be a guide for Maui beaches and weather.

Maui Weather

Maui is known worldwide for great weather. Millions of people spend billions of dollar during their visit to Maui every year. A large reason for Maui’s popularity is its great weather. 

To demonstrate and track Maui’s great weather, I will constantly update the weekly weather status on Maui.  This page also points out the usual weather trends on Maui during certain months of the year.
The following is the weather forecast for the near future:  
April 10, 2022-April 16, 2022

Chance of Rain    
SunPartly Cloudy/Wind75-910%NE 22 mph
MonMostly Sunny75-9020%NE 25 mph
TuesMostly Sunny74-9120%ENE 17 mph

Mostly Sunny73-9020%NE 18 mph
ThursMostly Sunny73-9110%NE 19 mph
FriPartly Cloudy/Wind73-9010%NE 20 mph
SatMostly Sunny73-9010%NE 19 mph

Average Maui Weather by the Month

December, January, February
The “winter” months of Maui have the lowest temperatures of the year.  During this time, Maui is still warm in many areas.  During these months, showers are a regular occurrence and usually demonstrate the wettest weather of the year. 

January has many tradewinds, however, these same tradewinds are not as frequent as they are in the summertime.  From November to March, large North swells produce sizable surf on the beaches faces the North and Northwest.  The average temperature on Maui during this time is 65-80 degrees F.

March, April, May
This quarter of the year has weather that is a hybrid between September, October and November.  The temperatures vary a good amount ranging from warm in the 80’s to chilly in the low 70’s.  Rain is also a common sight during these months.  This time period is also the ending period of whale migration but still very visible.  As per usual throughout the year, rain is numerous in Haiku while Kihei is mostly sunny.  Paia can be very windy during this time of the year, while Lahaina has generally calm weather. 

Summer & Winter

June, July
These two summer months are the most crowded, filled with numerous tourists.  The weather during these months are hot and dry.  Even Hana has warm weather along with the rest of the island.  June is also the driest month of the year with numerous tradewinds to cool the weather.  Most of Maui ranges from 69 to 87 degrees F.  Due to the sunny weather, sunblock use is definitely a must.

August, September

These two months on Maui usually demonstrates the hottest months of the year. This is often the most humid of the summer months.  Hana tends to cool down and drop to 70 to 84 F degrees in contrast to the rest of the island.  The Pacific Ocean may produce Tropical Hurricanes during this time period. However, hurricanes hitting the islands are a rare occurrence.

October, November

October and November can be seen as a transition period between the Summer and Winter months.  The two months usually contains little rain, with an occasional storm. Average temperatures are from 68-88 degrees F throughout most of the island and 68-83 F in Hana. 

The winter in Maui really isn’t a traditional winter. There may be snow in Haleakala during the winter months, but snow is definitely not a sight to expect on the island.  The differences between seasons in Maui are not all that significant. Weather differences on Maui are more strongly noticed by location on the island than by what time of year it is.

So there you are. Maui obviously has great weather. But when you are planning your visit to Maui, you should look at the weather forecasts during and before your vacation. One should also look up weather patterns during certain months of the year to make the best of planning ones vacation.
What is your ideal month and conditions of weather? What do you think of my weather updates and information on Maui weather?

Maui beaches and weather go hand in hand. So it’s only fitting I talk about the beaches as well.

Maui Beaches

The island of Maui is known for its award winning beaches and for good reason.  There are miles of gorgeous beaches to choose from. To narrow things down and to simplify the selection, I will discuss five must see beaches on Maui.  

The five beaches I plan on discussing includes Makena Beach (Big Beach), Wailea Beach,Kaanapali Beach, DT Fleming Beach Park, Ho’okipa Beach. I will cover the Maui beaches and weather that is tied to that beach.

Makena Beach (Big Beach)

Image result for makena beach

Big Beach is located four miles south of Grand Wailea Resort in South Maui.  This beach is a big beach. This beach is filled with gorgeous white sand that extends to over thousands of feet.  The beach is also very wide, so there is plenty of room for all beach goers. The pristine sand definitely sets this beach apart as the sand feels smooth underneath your feet.

Watch out for the shore break when there is a large south swell.  This is not a beach for small children or inexperienced swimmers. Three lifeguard stands were added recently and for good reason. Be mindful of the large tide and never turn away from the ocean. The Big Beach is my favorite place for a favorable Maui beaches and weather.

Image result for wailea beach

Wailea Beach

Another gorgeous beach is Wailea Beach in South Maui. Wailea Beach is consistently rated one of the world’s best beaches. Wailea Beach is also nice and wide with great sand. The clear, calm water is great for swimming or entering the water for any type of water board sport. When the ocean is calm, snorkeling is very good around the rocky reefs on the ends of the beach.

Boogie boarding and body surfing are also popular within this beach.  Wailea beach also offers great views of Kaho’olawe, Molokini and Lanai if you prefer to jut sun tan and relax. 

This beach can also be crowded due to its close proximity near the Wailea Beach Villas, the Grand Wailea Resort, and the Four Seasons Resort. Public showers, restrooms, and plenty of free public parking are great perks to consider near the resorts.

Ka’anapali Beach

Image result for kaanapali beach

Ka’anapali Beach is a world-class resort destination.  Ka’anapali Beach extends three miles from Canoe Beach to Black Rock.  This beach is filled with white sand, clear ocean waters, hotels, condos, restaurants and shopping centers (Whaler’s Village among them).

Black Rock is the large rocky lava promontory at the north end of Kaanapali Beach.  Black Rock is known for cliff diving and the great snorkeling spot that it provides. Hiking up black rock to dive off is a fun and exhilarating way to spend your day. This beach is also perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing.

If walking or running is your thing there is a paved path that spans across the whole beach that is easy to access for exploration. Much like most Maui beaches, this beach is open to the public. There is paid parking available at resorts, parking structures, and shopping centers.  There are also free parking spots available at various resorts that are marked as “Beach Parking”. 

D.T. Fleming Beach

Image result for dt fleming

D.T. Fleming Beach is located in north of Kapalua and the Ritz-Carlton hotel.  D.T. Fleming is named for the man who introduced pineapple to West Maui. D.T. Fleming can get crowded on weekends and holidays.

This beach is the popular for bodysurfing and bodyboarding.  People will occasionally surf on the small reef at the east end of the beach. Snorkeling, diving, swimming and sunbathing 
are also good choices to partake in at this beach.This beach does have lifeguards and is equipped with restrooms, showers, picnic shelters, picnic tables, barbecue grills, drinking water, and a parking lot.

Ho’okipa Beach Park

Image result for hookipa

Ho’okipa Beach is located in Paia at the 8.8 mile marker of Hana Hwy. Ho’okipa is known as a world-class surf destination. Boardsurfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding are all popular activities at this beach. Ho’okipa Beach Park hosts professional windsurfing competitions on many windy days.

Ho’okipa means “hospitality,” but this beach is not “open” to everyone. The waves get pretty massive and the scene is filled with experienced beachgoers. If you’re considering getting in to surf or sail here, you’d better be skilled enough for the conditions.  Keep an eye out for orange flags which that serve as a warning for wary conditions.

Even if you are not ready or interested in extreme water sports, this beach is a must-see. The best place to watch the action and snap photos is at Ho’okipa Lookout.  This lookout is located on the far end of the beach overlooking the popular surfing spot called “Pavillions”.

The lookout also has its own large parking lot.  The parking lot is filled with great food trucks of fresh Hawaiian fruit and local cuisine.This beach isn’t known for being a great swimming beach. But keep on the lookout for the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles near sunset. The Honu (turtle) come up to shore to rest and are a sight for sore eyes. This beach park has lifeguards, showers, pavilion, picnic tables, bathrooms & port-a-potties.Maui is home to many world class beaches with so much natural beauty.   


If you were to pick a random beach on Maui, you can’t really go wrong.  Choosing a favorite of all these great beaches would be a daunting task.  But I went over my personal list of Maui’s best beaches.  

What are your favorite beaches on Maui? What do you think of my list for Maui’s best beaches?

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