Driving from to Ka‘anapali to Lahaina, you should be able to see a cluster of food trucks in a parking lot. These four food trucks are located at Lahaina Cannery Mall. Built in 1987, the mall boasts a variety of retail stores combined with casual restaurants and the four food trucks. Hula dancing, Hawaiian artists, cultural events and festivals are enjoyed year round by visitors and residents. Here is your guide to the Lahaina Cannery food trucks.

Merienda Maui

Merienda Maui, established in 2021, is a food truck in the town of Lahaina in Maui, Hawaii. They serve Asian Fusion Cuisine, encompassing light meals.

The menu is split between meriendas, which are small plates, “buns” or sandwiches served on brioche rolls, and “feasts” that mostly come with garlic fried rice, egg, salted cabbage and namasu. I note cheffy twists like okonomiyaki brussels sprouts ($14), Taiwanese salt-and-pepper chicken ($12) and a Phili-Bistek sandwich ($18) with caramelized onion jam and Japanese mayo.

I would recommend the Tocilog to anyone who loves a Filipino breakfast. If you can get over the fact that the egg is soft-boiled instead of fried, you can appreciate the tender, flavorful, sweet glazed pork belly. The garlic fried rice is fragrant and warms your belly with deep garlicky goodness.

808 Antojitos

808 Antojitos is a small eatery that offers authentic Mexican food – and specializes in gorditas, pambaso and quesadillas. They only have outdoor seating and provide a takeout option. This food truck is a find for legit Mexican food in Maui.  

They do a great blend of traditional Mexican dishes like the pambazo, huaraches, sopes, etc along with tacos and burritos. They actually have two trucks in parallel with a few tables in between them, one truck focusing on the former dishes and the other on the latter ones; super efficient.

I have tried their pambazo and it was quite good, not necessarily the best I’ve had though.  Their tacos al pastor though are a must-try, the lime and pineapple sets it off.  Those were probably the best al pastor ones I’ve had on the island.  The bean sopes and squash blossom quesadillas and both were fairly good.

Definitely recommend you try it out, everything is usually solid but the service can be inconsistent at times. Prices are very cheap and good value for what you get.

Sparky’s 808

Sparky’s Food Company started in November of 2016. They started by just serving their family’s smoked meat plates. They then expanded their menu by gathering recipes from their close family and friends and delivering big boy mopsesh plates within the Kahului & Wailuku area.

Sparky’s created their menu around the concept of ohana: family. The meals are made using old family recipes, large portions of stick-to-your-ribs food using local flavors and ingredients. The “hammah burger” is a local favorite, which people often travel across the island to try. If you’re feeling particularly hungry, try one of the smoked meat plates. 

Earth Aloha Eats

Earth Aloha Eats is a vegan food truck serving a variety of foods from burgers, gyros, wraps, and bowls to street tacos, fries, ‘fish’ and chips. Has drinks including kombucha and hibiscus tea, and desserts like creme bruele. Check webpage for updates. Launched 2018 and is currently situated in the Cannery Mall parking lot. 

PETA recently announced that Maui-based Earth Aloha Eats, a plant-based organic and vegan eatery in Lahaina and Kahului, netted a spot on its “Top Faux-Fish Dishes of 2021” list.

Earth Aloha Eats was recognized for its Phish & Chips, a dish of crispy golden vegan fillets made with wheat and soy and served with French fries, rainbow coleslaw, tartar sauce and fresh lemon, according to a news release.

“Earth Aloha Eats’ vegan twist on classic pub fare is the perfect fish-friendly way to celebrate Pisces season,” PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said.



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