Maui is a crown jewel of Hawaii that is filled with a glitzy and glamorous sun drenched paradise. Maui is famous for its beautiful beaches, great weather, luaus and great Hawaiian culture. This island is labeled the Valley Isle for good reason and is the ultimate destination for many travelers. While Maui isn’t the cheapest place to visit in the USA, it is truly one of the top places to experience a memorable vacation. Here is a list of free things to do in Maui.

Yet, for all its luxurious beach hotels, steeply priced cost of living and pricey long distance flight, Maui can be an affordable place to visit even for frugal visitors. Trust me, a limited budget wont stop you from having a fun-packed vacation in Maui.

Traveling to Maui on a tight budget? Here are a few ways to experience this island without spending a fortune.

Free things to do in Maui

From hitting its sunny beaches to taking pictures of its beautiful landscapes, there are plenty of free and cheap things to do in “Valley Isle”. Here are a few thrills, joys and pleasures in Maui that won’t cost you a penny.

1. Hit the beach

Are you a sun-seeking beach bum? In Maui, you won’t have to spend a great deal of cash to enjoy a beautiful and extraordinary beach escape. After all, Maui’s Pacific coast is dotted with sunny free-access beaches, such as the D.T. Fleming Beach, Kaanapali Beach, Makena Beach, Wailea Beach, and more.

Of course, these beaches are terrific places to do some sightseeing. Many of the beaches in Maui are vibrant, colorful, trendy and full of restaurants and shops. The beaches are also full of quality and beautiful people you can socialize and possibly even spend your day with.  Maui’s beaches are full of Aloha so make sure to reciprocate this kindness. 

2. Take The Lahaina Historic Walking Tour

Take a free tour of Lahaina’s rich and interesting past. Stroll along Front Street while you also enjoy relics of the past from the former capital of the Hawaiian kingdom. There are over 60 historical sites in Lahaina with 20 of them that are in close enough distance to partake in an easy and walkable trail.

In this tour, you will see a fascinating blend of influences covering Hawaiian history, the whaling era, the missionaries and immigrant plantation life. The Baldwin Home was the home to Protestant missionaries in the 1830s. Hale Paahao, the “stuck-in-irons house,” was a jail for “unruly” sailors in the mid 1800s. There are also asian inspired structures like the Wo Hing Temple and the Lahaina Jodo Mission which are remnants of Chinese and Japanese immigration in Maui.

3. Drive on the Road to Hana

One of Maui’s most popular attractions is completely free. Anyone can drive on the Road to Hana. The Road to Hana is a 64.4-mile scenic drive that takes you to a number of waterfalls, trails, small farm stands, and many lookout points. While it’s almost impossible to see everything along the Road to Hana, if you do some research in advance, you can decide which places you want to visit and see how the day goes.

Some of the most popular stops along the Road to Hana include Paia Town, Ho’okipa lookout, a hike to Twin Falls, Honomanu Bay, the Halfway to Hana Stand selling food, Hana Lava Tube, Waikamoi Ridge Trail, Wailua Falls, Grandma’s Coffee House, and so much more. It’s incredible to me that so much beauty on Hawaii is accessible, free, and in such a small area.

The roads on this trail are notoriously narrow and windy, so some people do prefer to pay for a guided tour.

4. Walk around the Maui Tropical Plantation

One thing that I love about Hawaii is its beautiful plant life.  There are so many unique plants and rare flowers to explore. Whenever I can, I go to botanical gardens to see the unique flora that you can only find in tropical climates.

The Maui Tropical Plantation is free to enter. What began as a show plantation 30 years ago is now a working plantation where over 40 crops are harvested. You will also find hundreds of tropical and native plants. The Plantation also has a restaurant, coffee cafe, retail shops, tours, a farm stand, and more.

Depending on when you go, the Plantation has a list of different walking tours you can take on their website. They also have an informational website that you can look at. It will help you identify all of the different kinds of plants and talks about the Plantation’s history.

5. Makai Glass Creations

Makai Glass Creations features unique blown glass sculptures inspired by the sea life and volcanic formations of the Hawaiian Islands. Visit Hawaii’s largest glassblowing attraction with a stop at Makai Glass Studio and Gallery. You can spend your visit watching a large piece being created. The cool part is they explain what is going on so that everyone can see and capture the beauty of the pieces being created.

There you have it. My list of free things to do in Maui. Make sure to share and comment.

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